Senior Wellness Centre’s are programs run by several communities, specifically English-speaking organizations, which aims to provide assistance among seniors, improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being and decrease social isolation. This initiative was created to respond to the regional and local needs of English-Speaking seniors and to help them feel the sense of belongingness. Neighbours Regional Association of Abitibi-Temiscamingue has always been a part of providing inclusive health and social services. Particularly, their organizational activities are categorized into two major divisions: Wellness Wednesdays and Fun Fridays. During Wellness Wednesdays, seniors gather in the Activity Resource Center (ARC) to participate in various fun, educational, and interesting activities. This would either be physical exercises, arts and crafts, online seminars about health and life, simple coffee afternoons with socialization, mental health related activities, and more. The main goal of the activities is to help them engage and make them feel valued. In addition to this, Fun Fridays are a repeated alternate routine of Movies and Game Days. Seniors are invited to come to the ARC to relax and watch a movie while they enjoy their snacks. While during the other Fridays, they come for games that would also stimulate their minds and would exercise their brain muscles, they usually play card games, bingo, board games such as scrabble, and more. This way, the members would spend time with the others, make meaningful relationships and gather substantial experiences.