The purpose of the Health and Social Services Community Network Bursary Program is to address the need for professionals with English and French language skills in health or social services in Quebec regions by supporting students who pursue studies in health or social services and who wish to work in their home region and serve their community. The Bursary Program is part of the Retention Program as described on the Dialogue McGill Website.

Created by the McGill University Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project, these bursaries have provided, for the last eleven years, financial support to students from Quebec regions with English and French language skills pursuing full-time studies in the area of health or social services in a government recognized educational institution. For each bursary awarded, recipients commit to working in their home region following the successful completion of their studies for a minimum of one year in a public health or social services institution. The bursaries are designed to respond to regional and local priorities for access to services in English.

As a means of introducing the recipient to the working environment at the CISSS and paving the way for an eventual successful workplace integration, community networks are encouraged to collaborate with the CISSS to set up a job-shadowing opportunity for the recipient at a time convenient for both parties during the academic year covered by the bursary. The Bursary Program targets students who have a demonstrated commitment to and involvement in their community. Students are required to provide references from two different individuals who can attest to their community commitment and involvement and who can evaluate their potential to commit to working in their region in the field of health or social services upon completion of studies.

The Health and Social Services Community Network Bursaries are broken into two types depending on the student’s residence within Quebec and the location of the educational institution in which they study.

Outside their Home Region
For more information please contact Nathalie Chevrier nathalie@neighboursat.ca or 819-762-0882
Within their Home Region
University Cégep/CollegeVocational Training